About Us


Our motto is Work / Live / Breathe. Work in the outdoors is a community lifestyle and our website has been developed to support and develop this network of people. We hope people use it as a way to stay connected, mentor, chat to each other and move around the world for seasonal employment. Breathe is the entire reason to chase work and a life like this is. To stay outdoors, to take a deep breathe, take in the view and exhale.   


Work / Live / Breathe 

We want this space to belong to you, and we want you to feel you belong to the community on this website

  • You can build your profile to highlight your skills or business, with private messaging available if you want to speak to another member and the Green Flash membership to increase your visibility.
  • We provide information for people who want to work in a particular area of the outdoors or the world and link to courses relevant to those fields. This is information only. We advise you do your own research and what is best for you. You can use the site to reach out to other members and employers to find out exactly what is required.
  • Wild Chat is a forum for networking and discussion. This is positive place where people can help and mentor each other, or just find out which way the wind is blowing or if it will snow in Mont Tremblant today.
  • The Buy/Sell/Share page is a classified advertising section for moving equipment and gear, or if you want to borrow a board or some kit on your day off.
  • In all areas of the website we want people to be kind to each other and our forums our moderated for this purpose.

We have worked as Ski Instructors in Canada and traversed the world pursuing outdoor sports from Cimbing Mt Kenya, Diving in Turks and Caicos, Skiing in France, Water-skiing in Corfu, Bungee Jumping in Uganda to Paddle Boarding the Whitsundays in Australia, Sailing in Sydney, Snorkelling in the Maldives and Kayaking the United States Pacific Northwest… Even motorcycling through the rice fields in Vietnam (We’ll add a moto category soon!). The experts in these sports often post in small community pages dotted around the web and  job searches are often limited to these pages, or large job search engines that were more geared towards business employment. We have worked to build one space for this community to connect. We want to get this website right and we want this website to work for the community globally. If there is a way you think we can improve our site, please tell us.


We know people don’t choose this kind of work for the money and have tried to keep most of the website free. Anyone can post a profile, search jobs, learn about a field, connect to other people on our Wild Chat forum and use the Buy/Sell/Share page as a Registered FREE Member.


We have had to build in some fees to manage the Admin and continue to develop and support the website. You can upgrade your membership to the Green Flash status.  This allows you to promote your profile or business; you can add your contact details, link your profile to your website, contact anyone on the site using our message bank, share documents like your CV's or logbooks and more. If you are a starving employee looking for work, please send us a message. We may be able to comp you for a month to connect to employers and get a head start. 


Tasmania regularly registers having the world’s purest air (the nearest upwind land masses are half a world away in Patagonia and Antarctica). Some of our Work the Wilds staff are lucky enough to have worked in Tassie and taken deep breaths of this oxygen gold