You can view the data Work the Wilds holds in regards to your account. To view this Go to My Account > Privacy Settings > Select 'EXPORT INFO' and check your downloads for the file. 

The 2018 European GDPR introduced a right for individuals to have personal data erased. The right to erasure is also known as 'the right to be forgotten'.

To 'be forgotten' you can withdraw your account from the Work the Wilds website. This is not the same as cancelling your account (which effectively inactivates it). If you choose to withdraw your account it will delete any and all data Work the Wilds holds in its database, permanently. To choose this option Go to My Account > Privacy Settings > Withdraw Account. 


Once you have created a profile, or if you have made any changes to a profile, it will go into a queue to be moderated and can take 24 hours to be visible online. Visit your profile page to see the status of your profile.

When you register your account, we will send an email to your address to activate your profile. If you haven’t received this, we recommend checking your junk or trash box. If you still can't find it, you can request a new activation link.  If you do not click on the link to activate your email we will not be able to complete or publish your profile. 

If you disagree with something said in a review, you may reply to a review on your profile page. Your response will be displayed along with the original review. 

You can close your account at any time. We always want to website to be valuable to people in these fields. If there is something we can do to improve or convince you to stay, please let us know. You can close your account by sending us an email to Info@Workthewilds.com or submit a form online. CONTACT US

You can cancel your Green Flash status at any time. We do not offer refunds for remaining time on a Green Flash membership, so we always recommend starting with a monthly membership if you are unsure how long you will need it. We offer the membership monthly or annually. To cancel at any time, please CONTACT US. And if there is a something we can do to improve the service, please let us know. 

To send or receive messages, one or the other member must be a Green Flash Member. You can become a Green Flash Member for a short term (a month) or for a year. 

Work The Wilds is an online social networking platform connecting employers and professionals for seasonal outdoor and freelance employment. We offer work and qualification information, job search, and profiles with a messaging and review system. We provide a chat forum and classified ad space to support the community of people working in the outdoors. We support the community with content about outdoor careers and blog and news updates

Profiles are featured randomly in search results as a service to Green Flash Members. Members may also pay a fee to have their profile highlighted as a fixed feature at the top of search results. 

You can add your phone number and/or website to your profile in the Advanced Profile section. Either you or a member has to be a Green Flash member to see this information. If you are a Green Flash Member, this will be visible to everyone. If you aren’t a Green Flash Member, only Green Flash Members will be able to see this. 

We do not sell your information to anyone and the information we collect is only used on the website as our service describes.. You do not have to share your email address, phone number or any other personal information with other members, unless you choose to. You can block members you do not want to be visible to and you can cancel your account at any time. If you need further help please email us at Moderator@workthewilds.com.

Please read our Safety Center information and remember to be safe online.

We follow security procedures as required under UK Data Protection Legislation (the Data Protection Act 1998) to protect the information that we store about you from unauthorized access. Our Data Protection Registration Number is: TBD

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information . 

You can access almost our entire website with free registration. To use our private messaging system or access some of our extra services like unlimited job postings, and featured profiles, you will need to be a Green Flash Member. For more information about this service, please click HERE.

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