Hike / Trek / Mountain Leader

Hike / Trek / Mountain Leader


“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way”

Dr. Seuss


You can hike around London’s Richmond Park at sunrise or trek up a mountain. The “range” in this field is vast. For some people it is a walk in the woods, and others set out on a life time of trekking; first to the top of the highest mountain, then the 7 Highest Peaks in Ireland and keep going until they have completed the Seven Seven Challenge (Climb the highest peak on every continent) 



How high do you want to go? Guided expeditions to climb Everest can cost from $30,000 - $100,000. A little more down to earth; A mountain leader can expect to earn somewhere between USD $25k - $30k/year. Qualified guides can often find freelance work for a season or for a day. For example, an Expedition Leader Could expect between USD $110-150/day


High seasons are individual and really depend on the incline, the mountain, your skill set and what you hope to achieve.  


Let’s use Mont Blanc in France for example...

The best time to go hiking is between June and mid-Sept and that’s when most mountain huts are open. The 'high season' is mid-July to mid-August. But snowshoeing is beautiful in January and February. You will find downhill skiers in March and April. May is best to avoid because the snow is melting and rocks and boulders can be unstable. Autumn might also be avoided because the weather can be unpredictable.


So, different altitudes and terrains in the same country or region may have a different season. The best way to find your high season is find your region, set your goals, and then speak to some people in the know.