Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Learn how to find the perfect flow and clear the gaps while you ride the rails and shred the trails on a sturdy tread. Mountain biking can take you through the rainforests of Victoria in Australia, or sliding on the sandy desert trails in Arizona.


An average annual salary in North America is around USD $25,000. You can earn up to  $20-30/hr. for casual employment and look for outfitters that will train and employ you in other sports to increase your wage


Africa - Year round

Asia - Summer, Year round in some regions

Australia - Year round

Canada - Summer

Caribbean - Year round (less during hurricane season)

Europe – Summer

Middle East - Year round 

New Zealand - Year round 

South America - Summer, Year round in some regions

South Pacific - Year round  (less during monsoon season)

United Kingdom - Summer 

USA  - Summer, Year round in the American South and West