Rock Climbing / Abseiling

Rock Climbing / Abseiling


"Do not dare not to dare"  - C.S. Lewis

The best view comes after the hardest climb. Climbers seek the stillness they can find only on a mountain top and the unique way to be present in the natural world.



As a basic instructor you can expect around $15,000 USD as a salaried wage and up to $20k if you are a senior instructor. Mountain Guides can earn up to $70,000 and work 8 months in the year usually including your expenses while you are working. But this can come with a tricky work/life balance with long days and frequent overnights when you are working. Find more information about Mountain Guides in Hike/Trek


The hourly wage averages around $12 USD/hr if you choose casual or contract work. You can earn up to $20-$25/hr in some areas of the world depending on your experience and versatility in other sports. In places like the United States, or if you work for a big hotel or resort, you can often earn tips after a day out with customers.


In this area of work, choosing the right employer can be a big advantage. Employers often include expenses like food or accommodation. In many cases they have more sports on offer with training included and you may find a job with the facilities at hand to work as an apprentice, improve your skills or gain those valuable NGB awards or other certificates.


You can message employers on Work the Wilds privately, or use Wild Chat to ask questions in a group forum to find what’s most beneficial for you.


This is intense work, physically demanding, and it’s a good idea to think beyond your climbing years financially. Chances are you will be retired because of the physical aspect long before you are ready to retire. Keeping this in mind early on can make this a fun problem to have… Pick up photography or start a blog and build your reputation as a writer. We love to promote stories about work in the wilderness, especially from a mountaintop…  become a contributor for Work the Wilds?



Year round, around the globe.