Promote Your Profile

Once you have written your Profile there are a few ways to increase your visibility and promote yourself…

Stay Active

Especially when you are looking for work, log in once in awhile to check messages and keep your profile active. Employers can see when members last logged in, and this helps them filter who is actively available.


We created Wild Chat so you can be part of the community on Work the Wilds. You can also use it to increase your visibility. Don’t be afraid to use this forum to promote yourself. You can start a post “Looking for Dive Work in the Caribbean, any ideas?? People will often help you and you may find a good mentor or employer.

Add Keywords

You’ve kept your profile short and sweet but now you want to add some keywords to increase the chances your profile will appear in a search result. You can use the hashtag and a keyword at the bottom of your description.
# diver # open water # ice dive # carribeandiveinstructor

Add Contact Details

Become a Green Flash member and you can add your phone number, and a URL/website. It means all members can contact you and message you. You can be a Green Flash member as a monthly option if you only need it while you are searching for work.

Promote Your Profile

If you are under pressure to find work or staff soon, you can pay a fee to have your profile appear as a fixed feature in the top of our search results. We offer this premium space per week or per month. If you’ve linked your website and contact number to your profile, this can also be a good way to promote your business

Urgent Job Posting

Has someone on staff called in a sick day or more people just signed up for an excursion? We can create an urgent job posting. This will appear at the top of job search fields and as a highlighted Advertisement on relevant pages in our WILD Chat and Classifieds pages.