Sky Diving

Sky Diving

Just Jump!


If you made it to this page you probably aren’t going to need the encouragement, you are an adrenaline junkie. The feeling of free falling, teaching people to conquer their fears, the beauty of the earth from the distance, nothing will ever thrill you quite like it. It is reassuring that you are more likely to die crossing the road than skydiving, but despite the inherent risks, it is a chance to experience something truly incredible.


As soon as you touch the earth with your feet you are going to immediately want to do it all over again. So why don’t you? Every day, for a living. 



Most instructors can make between USD $20-$40 per jump, so even with 500 jumps a year you’re probably looking at a salary around $20k/year. You can pad this with video and photography offers. You can build a client base to help increase your salary, and once you have enough experience you can starting your own company or train other instructors.  



This is a weather dependent sport, but in most regions you can sky dive year round. "High" season is in the mild summer months. It’s always colder at 15,000 feet but people skydive in winter and it can offer some of the best, crystal clear skies.