“There’s a feeling of freedom, exhilaration, and oneness with nature that comes from kiting” says Richard Branson who calls kitesurfing ‘his happy place’


Harnessing the power of the wind is not for the faint of heart, it is fast, wet and fun! The sport is versatile and rapidly developing and these days you can find in almost every seaside city, with business(wo)men riding perfect waves after work from Melbourne to Miami. 


Only recognized as a mainstream sport in the last few decades, kitesurfing (or kiteboarding) combines aspects of sailing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing and paragliding into one extreme sport. 



  • Egypt
  • Greece 
  • Italy - Lake Garda
  • Madagascar 
  • Morocco - Dakhla
  • Portugal
  • South Africa - Langebaan
  • Spain - Tarifa and the Canary Islands



Once qualified, with the right company you can probably earn between USD $1k and $2k per month.  If you want a reliable income in this sport pick a location that has a steady stream of students and reasonably reliable weather and wind. Look for schools that include accommodation meals and travel or commission if you bring your own clients to the school. A lot of places that offer kite surfing have a low cost of living which can make a big difference.


If you decide you can earn more working independently you will need all the right local permits and comprehensive insurance. It’s always a good idea to ask an employer if liability insurance is included in a contract or if you need to have your own. This website provides general information and you should always do your own research first*



  • EUROPE – Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and the French Riviera are great year round with the volume for an instructor in the summer months (August especially) Other European countries like Germany, UK, Ireland have great kitesurfing but it is almost always a bit cold, summer months are high season for work
  • NORTH AMERICA -  summer months up north, year round around the California Coast and down south.
  • SOUTH AMERICA – Year round
  • AUSTRALIA/NZ – October to March
  • ASIA – November to April
  • AFRICA – South Africa November to April, Mauritius, Tanzania, etc. year round
  • CARIBBEAN – Dec – April 

Snow Kiting is gaining momentum too…

Check out Alaska or the Dillon Reservoir in Colorado in the USA

There are plenty of places to Snowkite in France and Switzerland. The Col du Lautaret is one of best places to learn to snowkite in Europe, hosting the annual Serre Chevalier snowkite festival, Snowkite Masters international competition and the French championships each year.


* Kitesurf locations are listed here based on kitesurfers word of mouth and seasons are based on an average. Severe weather can affect the waves and a beach you can surf today might not be safe tomorrow. We offer general information, please you do your own research