Paddle / Raft Guides

Paddle / Raft Guides

Rivers have long been used as analogies for life. A rapid one, a slow one, the ability to see both sides. It’s capacity for renewal and replenishment; the way it cleanses.  Rafting and paddling is athletically challenging and is as rewarding as it is refreshing.


Many companies will pay per trip rather than a hourly or salaried rate. Depending on your country you may be able to count on tips. The tipping can make a big difference, but don't expect it everywhere. If you are paid per trip, this may not include setup and breakdown times, so it may not calculate to quite what you'd expect per hour.


As a rough guide a sample could be... 

Whitewater or River Rafting Guides might earn USD $30/per trip or around $10 per hour. If there is a tipping culture, you can add anywhere from $5 - $100 on top. A Kayaking Instructor might earn a base salary of USD $25,000/yr (between USD$10 and $15 per hour). 


Get Creative!

If you are a kayak or raft guide, you may be able to supplement your income with overnight or camping excursions



EUROPE – Spring/Summer

NORTH AMERICA – Year-round in the South and West. In theory you could do calm rapids year round, but even rapids in California can be dependent on the winter thaws upstream so spring and summer is usually the best time.

SOUTH AMERICA – Spring/Summer, Year round in some regions

AUSTRALIA/NZ - Year-round

ASIA – Spring/Summer, Year-round in some regions

AFRICA - Year-round

CARIBBEAN – Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle is year round (being mindful of hurricane season) Whitewater rafting is not generally available in the Caribbean

SOUTH PACIFIC - Year - Round (mindful of monsoon season)