Get ready for gusts and puffs and furrys… Nothing is better than the butter between the swells.  You’ll recognize the same principles of sailing a boat; Jibing, tacking… and in a lot of places, windsurfing courses will run out of the local Yacht club. If you get a passion for this sport, the wind will become your obsession. And you’ll probably be in the ocean when most people are running away from the weather.

We knew a guy from London that went to work in the Caribbean on an assignment. He taught himself to windsurf and rode the wind along the beach to his job most days… talk about a commute! And a happy chap!



Not a particularly well paid sport and, because of the flexible nature of the sport, you will probably be paid hourly and the minimum wage in your country. With a bit more experience you can hope to pull in between USD $250-350/week. You can work for a company that offers more sports and will offer a more fixed salary with windsurfing as part of a larger role. Or look for resorts in countries with a tipping culture. You might be fixed on an hourly rate, but you can count on tips in some high end resorts.  



People windsurf all year long. Go to San Diego or Sao Paulo and you will find people riding the wind before work or on the way home. The warmer the climate the more year round your sport will be. For resort and work as an instructor, high season is something along these lines:


EUROPE - summer


SOUTH AMERICA – the hot spot, Brazil, year round


ASIA – Jan to March and June to Sept

AFRICA – South Africa, November through April places like Mauritius and Tanzania year round

CARIBBEAN – mid-December to mid-April