If skiing and snowboarding is a lifestyle, surfing is a culture, an awesome, laid back culture. As a pre-requisite you need to be a good surfer. So find a beach, pick up a board and start working on your skills, kid. This job will keep you on the beach and can take you across the globe. 


USD $8-$15 per hour, depending where you are in the world… If you are travelling, you can often find accommodation and meals alongside a small wage. It can be a pretty relaxed job, sometimes just teaching a few lessons a day and that is usually reflected in the wage. 


There is high season for the best time to surf and high season for the best time to teach surfing. For example; in Europe, the North Atlantic swell comes in Autumn with some of the best surf spots in Portugal, France and Spain, but high season for surf lessons will be summer and in particular August, during school holidays. More Regional Information Coming Soon....