Para Gliding

Para Gliding

Have your head in the clouds? 


Your life will be a breeze but there is a lot to learn; about the wind, air pressure, aerodynamics, clouds, thermals and how to stay on the right side of the road up there in the air. 


This is an expensive sport, and you will probably need your own insurance too, but before you start buying equipment, find a reputable company and get your solo pilots license. It will probably take about 1-2 months to become a licensed pilot and then a few years to refine your skills and become an instructor. 



People joke that this is a volunteer sport, and you may just break even after you buy all your equipment, but if you do what you love…


Depending on the company you might earn $25/hr for ground instruction or $35/hr for flying.  You can earn a lot per hour, but if the weather fails, there is no work, so income is unsteady, at best. This is not a job to get rich, and you may need to have another job to support yourself.



In this sport flying in low season may be as important to your skills as high season when you can earn more money. Air Pressure and Air Currents vary so much from month to month (and day to day) in each region. We suggest you get in touch with local and regional clubs for the best information. Regional information coming soon...