Will Work Northern Hemisphere
MEMBER SINCE: 10-Oct-2019
LAST UPDATED: 14-Oct-2019
LAST LOGIN: 10-Oct-2019

ADDITIONAL SERVICES:  Sail,  Snorkel,  Stand Up Paddle,  Windsurf,


We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promote sea culture, in particular love for sailing and any other sports related to the sea.
we are a club affiliated to F.I.V. (italian sailing federation) and part of CONI (Italian olympic committee) and offer several services such as sail and windsurf school and many other sea related activties and events.


We are searching for passionate sailing instructor and coach but also any other sea passionate who wants to join the summer season.


Candidate must have:
- at least 3 years experience in managing and conducting a sailing school
- at least 1 year as sailing coach of an optimist and/or laser team/s OR alternately having had national or international racing experience with laser and/or optimist
- Possibly certified by italian sailing federation (F.I.V.) or equivalent national or international sailing certification
- speak italian (or intended to learn italian, in this case must speak good english)
- Consolidated experience with managing and conducting any motor boat
- Possible with own car.


Our club is just in front of an amazing big white sand beach which separate us from the wonderfull Soverato Bay

We play all sea sports: sailing, windsurfig, SUP. many of us also play fishing, snorkeling and diving and scuba diving.

The club is mainly focused to offer sailing and windsurfing courses from morning to evening. Our fleet counts: lasers, optmists, bic, trident, 470, flying junior and others.

Hemisphere: Northern

  • Availability to Work in:
    • Italy

Season: Summer

Preferred Hours: Full Time

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