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ADDITIONAL SERVICES:  Hike / Trek / Mountain Leader ,  Outdoor Education / Camp,  Rock Climbing / Abseiling ,  Wilderness Admin & Management ,  Dive,


I am a young nature and health enthusiast! Having just finished my degree in Kinesiology I am ready to jump feet first into the adventure workplace! I have spent many years traveling, exploring, and learning from nature. I am an avid hiker, climber, yogi, reader, and learner. My degree is in kinesiology because I value the importance of health through physical activity whether that be organized exercise, the additional benefits of a fun adventure, or the community one gets from getting outside. I have a deep love for any natural environment and love learning about what surrounds me. This love is driven by my passion for hiking, backpacking, trail running, and the incomparable beauty of undisturbed nature. I love learning about the different relationships within nature and within ourselves.


My experience is varied. I have my rescue scuba certification, I am a yoga teacher, and my kinesiology degree has taught me a lot about working with and leading groups of people. I have recently worked for a non-profit urban farm where I taught school groups about our organic farming practices, coordinated volunteers for jobs on the farm, and worked with the farm manager to get anything else done. I have also worked at a "lake to plate" restaurant as a server, and fishing tour guide taking guests around the 'lakes' and teaching basic casting, reeling, and spinning techniques.


Yoga instructor
Rescue Scuba Diver
First Aid
Kinesiology Degree


I am currently planning to relocate to anywhere in Canada for a job starting in May. I am looking for work that allows me to grow, learn more about the industry, and gaining more tangible skills!

Hemisphere: Northern

  • Availability to Work in:
    • Canada
    • United States of America

Season: All

Preferred Hours: Full Time

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