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Position: WAB Wild (Outdoor and Experiential) Education Coordinator
School Section: Whole School (main focus on Grades 5-8)
Period of Appointment: 1 August 2022 – 31 July 2024 (subject to renewal)
WAB Wild is the Outdoor Education department of the Western Academy of Beijing.
WAB was established in 1994, and WAB Wild has been a part of this story for 11 years. It runs a progressive, curricular Outdoor Education programme for our Middle School students (11-13 year olds). We aim to foster teamwork, planning, resilience and leadership through a variety of activities and scenarios. Our staff work closely with the students, de-briefing experiences when necessary to ensure that students are able to transfer their learning to their every-day lives. A common thread runs through all the activities; personal responsibility. We focus on planning, predicting problems and solving them. Basic first-aid training, radio communication and safety in the outdoors are integral parts of our programme.

We hope to introduce young people to the joys of outdoor adventures, the beauty and wonder of the natural environment and the imperative to care for our environment. A strong current of environmentalism flows through all our programmes, this is by design but it also arises organically through the passion our educators show for the outdoors.

WAB Wild is an integral curricular part of a child’s education at WAB, given the same standing as any other curricular programme. It is assessed using the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme criteria for Physical ad Health Education.

As this programme matures and the role evolves, the new Coordinator will be expected to continue the excellent work that is ongoing, as well as plan for future developments.

Find out more about WAB Wild here: https://www.wab.edu/experience/outdoor-education

Role Description / Working Relationships

The WAB Wild Coordinator is responsible to the Senior Leadership Team. They will interface with Elementary, Middle and High School Leadership Teams, mentor teachers, counselors and learning support specialists. The maintenance and management of the Miao Liang site requires liason with the Facilities Department and with external contractors.

This is a hands-on instructional role as well as a managerial one. The successful applicant would be expected to attend all WAB Wild trips as a senior instructor.

Key Expectations of the WAB Wild Coordinator:

The WAB Wild Coordinator is expected to lead the WAB Wild team supporting all Experiential & Outdoor Education initiatives.

Curriculum & Trips

· Responsibility for the Experiential & Outdoor Education Curriculum development, resources and teaching from Grade 5 – 8.

· Responsibility for the organization, transport, safety, logistics, staffing and programme for the Grade 5 camp.

· Responsibility for the organization, transport, safety, logistics, staffing and programme for the Middle and High School Experiential & Outdoor Education expeditions.

Leadership & Supervision

The WAB Wild Team comprises of Miao Liang On-Site Manager, WAB Wild Instructor (Teaching Specialist), WAB Wild Instructor (Logistics) and WAB Wild Assistant Instructor (Operations & Marketing).

· Responsible for the WAB Wild staff, their training, performance management and allocation of duties.

· Responsible for the writing and updating of all Operating Protocols and Procedures that govern the safety and systems of the Miao Liang Environmental Education Centre, Miyun mountains.

Policy & Safety

· Responsible for the writing and updating of all Operating Protocols and Procedures that govern the safety and systems under which WAB Wild operates, and ensuring that all of these are meeting World Industry Standards in each of the disciplines.

· Responsible for the safety audits that ensure the safe and correct maintenance of all safety equipment used on the VERTEX Wall or in the outdoors

Future Planning & Strategy

· Responsible for strategic planning regarding future programme developments and implications of any changes or limitations at the Miao Liang centre.

· Exploring possibilities for an exciting and sustainable outdoor education locations within Beijing limits.

· Responsible for the bookings and arrangements for all users at the Miao Liang centre, and for reporting the monthly accounts payable/receivable to finance department

· Responsible for WAB Wild budget and ordering.


The successful applicant is expected to have the following skills, abilities, knowledge and experience:

Personal Skills and Abilities

· Ability to establish effective working relationships with staff, students and parents

· Ability to speak, read and write English

· Computer Skills

· Good organizational skills


· A sound understanding of Experiential learning and Outdoor Education, and how this can be part of an integrated approach to learning

· Wilderness First Aid Qualification

· Qualifications/experience in each of the disciplines in Outdoor Education

· Rock Climbing & Abseiling/Rappelling

· Trekking & Navigation

· Kayaking & Canoeing


· At least 2 years successful experience as a Leader of Experiential & Outdoor Education Expeditions

· Experience working in an English-speaking environment

· At least 5 years successful experience in teaching



The search for WAB’s new WAB Wild (Outdoor and Experiential) Education Coordinator will be led by the Director of Innovation in Learning and Teaching, in conjunction with the Head of School and in consultation with the sectional Principals.



Find out more about WAB Wild here: https://www.wab.edu/experience/outdoor-education


Accreditations and Memberships of :


Find out more about WAB Wild here: https://www.wab.edu/experience/outdoor-education

Hemisphere: Northern

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    • China

Season: All

Preferred Hours: Full Time

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