First, join a club...the social aspect is often as fun as the sport

You can begin sailing at any age and ability. In the UK, you can start a basic introductory course at the age of 8, and begin Level 1 and 2 courses at the age of 12. At 16 you can take courses for Day Skipper and at 17 become a Coastal Skipper.  It’s not necessary to own a boat. There are clubs around the world that offer affordable membership and have boats you can use or crews you can join, often at cost or included in your club fee. 


Once part of a club, you can start learning basic skills on a single sail dinghy or catamaran or learn the basics of crewing.  Both routes can open up the world of yacht racing, yacht chartering, and social or competitive sailing. You can find work or volunteer in clubs and on boats, and, as you improve your skills, work on boats or on sailing voyages around the world. 


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*Please remember that this is general information. We keep it as up to date as possible, but it's important you do your own research and know all the risks and requirements before heading out into the Wilds. If you are an expert in your sport and/or would like to become a contributor for Work the Wilds, please drop us an email at or Contact Us