Outdoor Education / Camp : HOW TO GET STARTED

At the level of Program Director you will have to be multi-dimensional. Have the ability to plan and administer Outdoor programs and sports, and have the skills to lead, from your Certifications and education in Nature (Biology), Conservancy or the like.


When you are starting out, begin with your basics; Certification in CPR, First Aid qualifications at least up to Advanced, and Wilderness and/or Rescue First Aid. Then you can begin as you hope to finish. If you just want to be in the outdoors and lead camps, begin that way. If you want to be the head or director of a program, enrol in University level courses and when you can work, select camps with mobility or connections to museums or companies you aspire to work for. At the early stages, finding an employer that offers accommodation can help support.


You will need to have a high school diploma as a minimum. This almost always involves working with minors, so you will need to demonstrate a clean record, have a current DBS/Police Check and applicable references.


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*Please remember that this is general information. We keep it as up to date as possible, but it's important you do your own research and know all the risks before heading out into the Wilds. If you are an expert in your sport and/or would like to become a contributor for Work the Wilds, please drop us an email at info@workthewilds.com or Contact Us